The college has got two storied library. It remains open from 9 am to 5pm during working days. The library has more than 14000 (Fourteen thousand) books. And in addition to that there are 10(ten) nos. of daily Newspapers, 6(six) nos. of Magazine, 3(three) nos. of International level journals regularly subscribed in the library . The reading room accommodates about 100 students.

Students can access, read, borrow books from the library . The library welcomes all students and teachers to be regular visitors .Separate library cards are issued for students to access library. They are as follows:

For H.S students=1card each

For T.D.C (Major)=1card each

For T.D.C ( Non-Major) =2card each

Books are lent for 15(Fifteen) days only. Delay in returning books is strictly not encouraged. In case of delay in returning books, a fine of Rs 1/-(One Rupee) per day is realized.


Departmental library is another feature to add. Most of the departments have developed libraries for their own use and to acquaint the students to new and latest books of their concerned subjects along with journals and magazines.