There will be one terminal and one test examination in each year. Final Examinations of H.S. courses are conducted by AHSEC.
N.B.: A student must have 80% of attendance in the regular classes.

T.D.C. COURSE (Six Semesters)

As per Academic Calendar of Dibrugarh University, two sessional examination and at least two unit tests are conducted by the respective departments of the college for internal assessment before End Semester (Final) Examinations. The relevant dates of such examination are notified by the concerned departments.

There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for End Semester examination in each course during every semester. There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer-scripts of the end semester examinations. However. A candidate may apply for re-scrutiny to the University.

(As per the notification of Dibrugarh University Poogramme notice, notified vide memo no DU/DR-A/8-1/11/1534 dated 14-03-2011)
End Semester (Final) examinations are conducted by the University itself.


1. .Students must be regular to their respective classes of any programme.Attendance is primary factor for appearing in the examinations. Students are directed to refer to the ATTENDANCE section given in the prospectus.

2. Students must appear in the sessional examination and unit tests of their respective subjects and make successful results, failing of which, students will be debarred from appearing in the End Semester (final) Examinations.

3. It is mandatory for the students of T.D.C. course to take active participation in departmental Seminars/Group Discussions organized by the respective departments from time to time. Failing of which ,they will be debarred from appearing in the End Semester (Final) Examinations.

4. Requests, after Non-compliance to above mentioned rules, will not be entertained at any cost.

(a) Examination and evaluation shall be done on a oontinousbasis, atleast three times during each semester.
(b) There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for the End Semester examination In each courses during every semester.
(c) There -Shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the answer-scrpits of the end semester examinations. However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.
(d) Internal Assessment :
(i) In internal assessment different tools such as objective tests, written tests, assignments, paper presentation, laboratory work etc. suitable to the courses may be employed.
(ii) The students will be informed in advance about the- nature of assessment. Students shall be required to compulsorily attend internal assessment including appearing the Sessional Tests, failing which they wiJI not be allowed to appear for the End-Semseter examinations. The department may arrange special in-semester examination wherever necessary.
(e) End Semester Examination :
(i) There shall be one End Semester examination carrying 80% Marks in each course of a Semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the Course. The End seme.ster examination is normally a written/laboratory based examination/Project Work/Dissertation.
(ii) The Controller of Examinations shall make necessary arrangements foy notifying the dates of the End Semester examinations and other procedures as per Dibrugarh University Rules (at least 20 days in advance) and the Academic Calendar notified by the University.
(iii) Normally, the End-semester examination for each course shall be of three hour duration.

(f) Betterment Examination
(i) A student shall be entitled to take the "betterment examinations" in any two theory courses of any of the six semesters after passing the Sixth Semester examination only once. Infits case, the higher marks secured by the student shall be retained. The candidates shall have to apply for betterment examination within one year of passing the Sixth Semester examination.
(ii)No betterment shall be allowed in the practical examination.