About IQAC

 IQAC of Bihpuria College

The IQAC of Bihpuria College was set up in 2004 as per directives from the NAAC and UGC. Since then the cell has been actively working for the academic and other developments of the college.

Chairman                    :                         Dr Amulya Kr. Hazarika, Principal, Bihpuria College

Coordinator  IQAC     :                         Mr Jonison Daulagajau, Asst. Professor, Political Science

Teaching Members  :                          Mr Jayanta Doley, Asst. Professor, Education 
                                                               Mr Dipam Jyoti Buragohain, Asst. Professor, History     
                                                               Dr Ratul Borah, Asst. Professor, Philosophy 
                                                               Dr Shibu Das, Asst. Professor, Accountancy
Staff Members          :                           Mrs Mira Kakoti Sonowal, Junior Assistant

Member from Local Community:     Mr Naba Kumar Dutta, Ex-Vice Principal, Bihpuria College 

Alumni Members :                                Mr Mr Dipak Sarkar, Chairman, Bihpuria Municipal Board

Management Member :                       Mrs Junti Neog, Guardian Member

Student Member :