Principal :  Dr.  Amulya Kumar Hazarika, Bihpuria College

 Program Officer: Dr.  Ratul Borah,  Assistant  Professor, Department of Philosophy.   

(M): 9707123848

NSS is one of the important organizations of the college. It continuously renders service to people of remote localities in and around Bihpuria. Such and activity facilities opportunities to student to accumulate the spirit of Nationalism, fellow feeling and solidarity, the motto of NSS is “Not me but you”. The main objectives of National Service Scheme are:

•Understand the Community in  which they work 

•Understand them self in relation to their community

 •Identify the needs and problem of the community and involve them in problem solving  

•Develop capacity to meet emergency and natural disaster and  practice national integration and harmony

 •Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.

Total no. of Volunteer: 150 (Selected by Program Officer, NSS Unit of Bihpuria College)  Download Form: (Upload here-NSS_FORM)

National Cadet Corp (NCC) of Bihpuria College: Principal : Dr.  Amulya Kumar Hazarika, Bihpuria College CTO: Mr. Jonison Daulagajau, Assistant Professor (Stage-II), Department of Political Science. 

(M): 8822477543

NCC is an important organization of the college engaged in conducting constructive activities and making it’s cadets disciplined and devoted citizens. The NCC of Bihpuria College run under  5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur. Student has the option to opt for NCC during their course of study, by joining NCC they can appear in “B” & “C” certificate examinations. The college has strength of 50 (Fifty) cadets.    Cadet Enrollment will be done by 5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur each year after completion of selection procedure.

NCC North Eastern Region 

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