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Bihpuria College Central library was started in 1973 with the establishment of the college. It has got two storied building for the purpose of the library. The reading room in the ground floor accommodates about 50 students. Students, teaching faculties and non-teaching staff have membership in the college library. The main objectives of the college library are to make sure that every one of the members has easy access to its resources. The library is equipped with computer facilities in order to cope up with the challenges of present day. The Library has over 10109 books, Magazines, Journals, News Papers and E-collections, etc. It also uses SOUL 2.0 Software in library management and provides e-resources to users with the help of UGC-Info Net and N-LIST of INFLIBNET

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                                                                                         Aims and Objectives of the Library                                                                                                                                           

✒️ To gather, organise, and disseminate knowledge and information to students and other 

academic communities.

✒️ To facilitate study and research by making resources readily available for all the active 


✒️To encourage readers to use a variety of information and knowledge sources.

✒️ For the benefit of its users, the collection is well preserved, protected, and reused.

✒️ To keep the Library's international and democratic ethos by providing the facilities to its users. 

                                                                                                    Library Timing                                                                         

Our College library remains open in all working days. The library even remains open during summer and winter breaks also.

• Library Hour        : 09.30 am to 4:00pm

• Book Issue Time : 10:00am to 2:00 pm.

                                                                                                             Library Collection

• Books        : 10109 

• Journals & Magazines : 11

• News Papers        : 5

                                                                                                                Library Cards

Teachers and Students can access, read, and borrow books from the library. The library welcomes all students and teachers to be regular visitors. Separate library cards are issued for students to access library resources. 

                                                                                                            Borrowing Rules of Books                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Higher secondary students can borrow maximum : (2) Two Books

Degree student with major can borrow maximum         : (4) Four Books

Teaching and non-teaching staff can borrow maximum : (10) Ten Books

The books are issue to the students for 15 days only. After that, they can renew them for 15 more days. Proper uniform is mandatory to enter the library or in the Reading room. Delay in returning books is not encouraged. In case of delay in returning books, a fine of Rs 1/-(One Rupee) per day is imposed on the students.

                                                                                   Reading Room-cum Reference Section

The library has a spacious and well-equipped modern reading room with sitting capacity for 50 students and separate reading corner for Teachers. Newspapers and Periodicals are displayed in the reading room. Journals, magazines, periodicals and reference books are issued for the reading room only. We have a very good collection of dictionaries and encyclopedia in our reference section.

                                                                                                          Special Services

The Library has a good collection books for career guidance. It has a good collection of reference books like Encyclopedia, dictionary, bound periodicals, record books, atlas, handbook etc. We display our current books and journals list in the library notice board as well as other notice boards of our college. The current journals and magazine are displayed in the reading room itself. We are providing online and off-line materials on career development for the students. We update our information regarding the library services on display board regularly. Moreover, there is an attached computer lab with 11 computers for the teachers and students to browse and download online resources.

                                                                                                                Digital Libraries

National Digital Library of India: Ministry of Human Resource Development under its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology has initiated the National Digital Library (NDL) pilot project to develop a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility. The college library provides free access to the resources of this Digital Libraries.

                                                                                                                                 Library Staff Information                

Mrs. Binita Das

            Designation:  Library Assistant (Contractual)

                        Qualification: Master of Library Science (MLISC)

  Email: binitadas@gmail.com

 Contact: 9954141945

Mr. Rupeswar Kalita

Designation: Library Bearer

Qualification: H. S. Passed

Contact: 8723817847