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Welcome to Bihpuria College

Bihpuria College situates at the lower part of Lakhimpur district of Assam and stands as one of the premier seats of learning and imparting education since August 1, 1973. The college was brought under Deficit-Grant-in-Aid system by Government of Assam in the year 1985. The college achieved recognition of UGC 2(f) and 12(B) in 1990. Despite financial strains, natural calamities and hazards like flood, the college not only survived but also grew and achieved its distinction in terms of student’s enrolment, infrastructural facilities and academic excellence. In course of time, Bihpuria College audaciously starts commerce stream with sincere devotion of some educated youth. After a strenuous hard work and sacrifice, Commerce Stream could bring a size because of its fruitful out-puts and Government of Assam brought this stream under Deficit-Grant-In-Aid system in the year 1996. Catering a large number of students each year, Bihpuria College imparts education from senior secondary courses to under graduate level in Arts and Commerce. The College is affiliated to Dibrugarh University and Assam higher secondary Education council for senior secondary course. Bihpuria College is rendering its best with a band of sound academics in both Arts and Commerce streams. Located at the middle of the Bihpuria town, Bihpuria College is easily accessible by rail and road. Nearest Airport is Lilabari, Lakhimpur. The college premise encompasses 1,74,545.45 sq. mtr and the built up area is 17860.67 sq. mtr. Bihpuria College aims to impart quality education, ensuring learning, for the holistic development of students.

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Principal Message

I , on behalf of College fraternity extend a very warm welcome to the new comers to this college. In the juncture of Higher Education, when it is going to be a choice based qualification, young generation of the world is pushed into a more competitive and adventurous atmosphere in the world of learning; and of course, to change is an integral part of one’s life. In the changing scenario, teaching and learning offers numerous opportunities to focus on a number of ‘small things’, to culminate over time to produce students that are prepared to do the ‘great things’ in life. Bihpuria College, along with academic progress, takes care of all other aspects which contribute to make transformation of mere young human beings into human Resource.

Bihpuria College follows the courses, syllabi and academic calendar of the affiliating Dibrugarh University. The prospectus is a brief statement of the course curriculum and academic guidelines to be followed and taught. The college fraternity, along with a constellation of jubilant teachers, enthuses to spread the light of knowledge and contributes to create a sound environment to mould the students befitting a higher competitive world.

I confer my best wishes to the students for being a part of this prestigious institution.

Dr. Amulya Hazarika, M. A., M Phil


Our Goals and Objectives

🅐  To impart quality education, keeping in view the needs of the times and harmonizing it with the cultural matrix of the society.

🅑  To foster, promote and sustain the cultivation of science and to encourage individual initiative for dissemination of scientific knowledge and finally to secure for the people of the society so that the benefits that can accrue from the acquisition and application of scientific knowledge.

🅒  To enhance the inner talents of students though education.

🅓  To develop a sense of self realization through various student support activities.

🅔  To create conducive environment and to motivate students for better learning.

🅕  To develop soft skills and life skills of the students.

🅖  To promote liberty of mind or freedom of thought.

🅗  To stimulate an interest in the sources of our civilization, its art and thought, its language and literature and its philosophy and religion.

🅘  To generate resources and develop basic infrastructure so as to provide the facility for research and development and to create an inspiring atmosphere of creative activity.

🅙  It aims at physical health and efficiency, intellectual alertness and learning, education of emotions and imaginations and teaches the youths the obligations and rights of the individuals, their meaning and value for life.

🅚  To help equip the students with commonsense, dignity, self-control and hard work so that they can effectively counter/negate the menace the communalism, intolerance, violence and hatred.

🅛  To develop a sense of sustainable development.






    Bihpuria College sets its mission to make itself a centre of academic excellence in the field of higher education. ❖ To equip the students with the changing trend, priorities and demand of the society. ❖ To impart need based, value based quality education to materialize the concept Human Resource”. ❖To make the institution a service centre to provide all possible guidance and counseling about the enhancing trend and prospect in different academic and co- curricular fields. ❖ To harness the talent of the youth for the development of the area by infusing the spirit of social obligation and national responsibility. ❖ To bear the moral obligation towards all round development of society. ❖ To develop a dynamic mechanism in the college for spreading its extension activities and other services and also to create consciousness among different sections of people on various important issues like Environmental, Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Human Rights and Social Evils. ❖ To make the college a repository of cultural heritage of various ethnic groups and the surrounding people which will act as linkages of national integration.
    The vision of the college is to provide facilities for holistic development of the students belonging mostly from backward areas of the region where it stands. The College’s destined end is to provide opportunity to access higher and quality education so as to build a strong nation by preparing the students to develop their potential so that they grow intellectually throughout their career equipped with best possible tools for their work and can make good impact on the society and its well-being.
    1. Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college as may be prescribed by the college authority. 2. Students must pay all the dues at the time of admission. Part payment will not be accepted. 3. Any kinds of ragging or teasing of student in the college campus are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary actions will be taken if anyone is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging. 4. Students will require at least 75 percent of attendance in each subject during each semester. Otherwise no student will be allowed to appear in sessional /final examination. 5. Wearing of college uniform is compulsory during college hours on all working days. 6. Students should park their vehicle only in the allotted place of parking. 7. Students must possess the college identity card. 8. Use of any kind of intoxicants or smoking in the college campus is strictly prohibited and punishable. 9. No student is allowed to move here and there or sit on the verandah during class hours and they must not do anything which may cause disturb teaching in the classroom. 10. No notice or leaflet can be circulated anywhere in the college premises without the approval of the Principal. 11. The courses of study in the college are full time course. No student can take any other course at another institution at the same time. 12. Overall power for enforcement and maintenance of discipline are vested with the Principal and his decision will be final in all such matters.
    Students from boards or council or universities other than AHSEC will have to produce Migration Certificate at the time of admission.


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Bihpuria College was established on 18th June in the year 1994. The college had been named in the holy memory of Late Ramami Mohan Singha the founder of Saktiashram who is known as Swami Yogananda Giri Maharaj for his great soul. He was a great social reformer and Gandhian selfless soul. He had done a lot in respect of general and vocational education. The dream of Swami Yogananda Giri of a higher educational institution in the western and isolated part of Assam became fulfill when Swami Yogananda Giri College was established in the year 1994 with the bold effort of some enthusiastic personalities in particular and people of Saktiashram in general. So far as higher educational aspirants are concerned in the western part of Kokrajhar district of Assam with isolated and weak socio-economic background, the Swami Yogananda Giri College has been trying to fulfill the higher educational needs in this area which is situated at the heart of Saktiashram of Kokrajhar district under Fakiragram Police Station.

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