Bihpuria College has specific uniform for students, both boys and girls respectively. They must wear the prescribed uniform during the college hours. Uniform for boys and Girls are as follows: ** For Boys: Black Trouser and white shirt. **For Girls: Girls have two options, viz. A.White blouse with Green Bordered chador and Brown (Muga coloured) mekhela. B.Churidar: Pink coloured Top with white coloured Pant and white coloured Churni/ Dupatta. Sweater: Maroon colored for both boys and girls.

Students’ code of conduct To maintain discipline and academic atmosphere in the college, the following measures are framed to follow. 1.Disciplinary actions are taken against students who violate wearing uniform in all college affairs, i.e. during college classes, examinations and festivals. 2.The use of mobile phone in the classroom and college premise is strictly prohibited. 3.All the students are to receive their identity cards during admission time. Without the identity cards, no students will be allowed to enter the college premise and attend classed. 4.All tobacco products are strictly prohibited in side the college campus.

Principal :  Dr.  Amulya Kumar Hazarika, Bihpuria College

 Program Officer: Dr.  Ratul Borah,  Assistant  Professor, Department of Philosophy.   

(M): 9707123848

NSS is one of the important organizations of the college. It continuously renders service to people of remote localities in and around Bihpuria. Such and activity facilities opportunities to student to accumulate the spirit of Nationalism, fellow feeling and solidarity, the motto of NSS is “Not me but you”. The main objectives of National Service Scheme are:

•Understand the Community in  which they work 

•Understand them self in relation to their community

 •Identify the needs and problem of the community and involve them in problem solving  

•Develop capacity to meet emergency and natural disaster and  practice national integration and harmony

 •Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.

Total no. of Volunteer: 150 (Selected by Program Officer, NSS Unit of Bihpuria College)  Download Form: (Upload here-NSS_FORM)

National Cadet Corp (NCC) of Bihpuria College: Principal : Dr.  Amulya Kumar Hazarika, Bihpuria College CTO: Mr. Jonison Daulagajau, Assistant Professor (Stage-II), Department of Political Science. 

(M): 8822477543

NCC is an important organization of the college engaged in conducting constructive activities and making it’s cadets disciplined and devoted citizens. The NCC of Bihpuria College run under  5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur. Student has the option to opt for NCC during their course of study, by joining NCC they can appear in “B” & “C” certificate examinations. The college has strength of 50 (Fifty) cadets.    Cadet Enrollment will be done by 5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur each year after completion of selection procedure.

NCC North Eastern Region Click here

Bihpuria College teachers’ welfare Fund and unit undertakes welfare schemes for the students. They provide one time financial assistance to the meritorious but needy students of the college.

All the students are insured under the students’ insurance scheme. They are insured while they are in the college premises. The insurance is expected to serve an extra step towards making the students feel more secured inside the college premise.

Bihpuria College Students Union (BCSU) is the general body of the students of the college. The office bearers are elected annually in the democratic procedure by the students. Irregular students and who fail to attend in semester examinations, unit test and fails in any subjects are debarred from contesting in Bihpuria College Students’ Union Election.

College facilitates/ arranges for scholarships rendered by the government to students. Apart from that UGC-Ishan Uday is also being facilitated. •Apart from this, college awards merit scholarships to the deserving students. They are…. A)Late Isheswar Hazarika Memorial annual merit scholarship. B)Late Sayed Faiuddin Ahmed merit scholarship.


For the cognitive development, the students have got their charter that features in the following points.   
1. They have the right to take part in the general election of students union to elect representatives.   
2. Students representation in IQAC mechanism of the college.   
3. Students have the right to evaluate teaching learning  situation of the institution through  proper procedure. The college provides necessary formats supplied by the IQAC.   
4. Students of the institution may undertake educational tours and excursions in vacations. But it is subjects to the prior approval of the concerned subjects and also authority of the institution.   
5. Students. who have proficiency and are experts in any field, may take in festivals and inter-college competitions and in you the festival of the University as team.   
6. NSS is open for all.   
7. Students have the right to lodge complain and put up grievance through student’s Grievance Cell relating to their educational, administrational and institutional problems in black and white.   
8. Students have the right to approach Career Guidance and Counseling Cell of the institution for necessary guidance relation to their academic career.   
9. Student’s Representation in Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Ragging Squad liable to make Ragging Free campus.   
10. The out-going students can be member of Alumni Association of the college .   
11. Finally, students  are  largely responsible to  create friendly teaching-learning situation  of the institution.

College facilitates/ arranges for scholarships rendered by the government to students belonging SC/ST/OBC/MOBC and others. Apart from that UGC-Ishan Uday is also being facilitated. “Apart from this, college awards merit scholarships to the deserving students. They are A)Late Isheswar Hazarika Memorial annual merit scholarship. B)Late Sayed Faiuddin Ahmed merit scholarship.

ICT Cell of Bihpuria College is imparting Certificates in Computer Education. It has got a separate technically advanced laboratory with Internet facility. The college ls on the process to inttoduce WiFi facility in its campus.

Bihpuria College Magazine is published each year.  It  is  designed  to   enrich  and explore student’s talent in  various fields  of literature Socio Cultural affairs, environment, religion and politics, science and technology, economy; trade and commerce, current affairs and craft etc. Apart from this, each departments publis hes “wall  Magazine”,  which  provides  example platform to exhibit their talent. Further the college publishes “News Letter” in every year.

Departmental Library is another feature to add. Most of the departments have developed Libraries for their own use and to acquaint the students to new and latest books of their concerned subjects along with journals and magazines. In addition to this, the college has also a Book Bank.

Bihpuria College has both Outdoor and Indoor games facilities. It has got a large playground, which Is well equipped for conducting all Outdoor events. The Indoor Stadium of the College is fully equipped to conduct all types of Indoor games events.

Fee structure Will be made available after getting proper guidelines from the Department of Higher Education. Govt. of Assam. However, a student has to pay Rs.79/- for lndentity Card (Admissible for free admission also)

The Grievance Redressal Cell looks after any kind of grievance of the students relating fo the total milieu of the institution. It tries to solve the complaints in a conducive manner by bring a congenial atmosphere through a process of meeting and discussion. Every member of the Institution should feel that grievances are well handled and justice rendered. The aim of the cell is to reduce complaints in the Institution.

A students Aid Fund is developed from the contribution of the teaching staff of the college. The Aim of this fund is to provide financial assistance to eligible and economically week students of the college. AIDS. Any student can be a member of this club, those who aspire for voluntary services for the community.

The college undertakes various extension activities and  social out reach  programmes  through various forum and deparbnents.

Bihpuria College has its own canteen inside the campus. It provides the facilities of refreshments to students and employees during the working hours.

The college has got two storied Library. It remains open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. during working days. The Library has around 11000 (eleven thousand) books. In addition, there are 6 (six) nos. of dally Newspapers and 19 (nineteen) nos. of journals including international and national level regularly subscribed in Students can access, read, borrow books from the Library. The Library welcomes all students and teachers to be regular visitors. Separate Library Cards are issued for student to access Library. They are as follows : For H.S. students = 1 Card each For T.D.C. (Non-Major) = 1 Card each For T.D.C. (Major) = 2 Card each. Books are lent for 15 (Fifteen) days only. Delay in returning books is strictly not encouraged. In case of delay in returning books, a fine of Rs.1/- (one rupees) per day is realized.

The Anti-Ragging Committee- perpetually endeavors to keep the college campus ragging free. In addition to this, as per UGC guideline “UGC REGULATION ON CURBING THE MENANCE OF RAGGING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, 2009″framed in pursuance of Supreme Courts judgement notified on 17th June, 2009, The Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad have been empowered with more administrative power to monitor any undesired act to take preventive and redressal measures there of.

In the presentera UGC has given emphasize on extension activities of the college, so as to provide the students extra-curricular activities to enrich their knowledge both theoretical and practical. The college also organizes symposiums, seminars and workshops on various relevant topics with a view to providing extra skills, knowledge and capability of the students. Apart from this the Gollege frequently organizes social awareness programmes and camps to generate much awareness such as AIDS awareness and Environmental awareness programme, Blood Donation Camp etc.

The college is providing hostel accommodation for girls with in the college campus, with UGC’s financial assistance (IX-Plan) the college has built two stories building for women. The admission to hostel is exclusively on merit. However, there is provision for reservation and special reservation for the remote areas as well. The intake capacity of the hostel is as follows: Girls Hostel=40 Seats.

The Counselling Cell of this college keeps its self ready and up to date with information for academic and vocational pursuance incase of a students. The cell provides instruction and advice both departmentally and centrally career related matters.

Most of the departments of our college have their  own  departmental  magazni es  (printed), published annually, for providing wide scope to the concerned students for exercising creativity and to explore departmental thoughts. These includes – I) Assamese- ‘Palas’ ii)Economies – ‘Buniyad’ iii)Education-  ‘Projna’ iv)Sociology – ‘Societus’

The college has a study center for Distance Education Under Dibrugarh University. It offers admission to those students who can not pursue for undergraduate programmes under semester system. Presently, B.A & B.Com Programmes are implemented with major and general course.

Apart from Iha College Magazine and departmental magazines, all thedepartments of our college have developed and displayed wall magazines. It renders scope to the students to explore and to display their thoughts, creativity and skill. Theae are – Assamese -‘Suagmoni’ Commerce-  ‘Banijiya Darpan’ IU) Economics – ‘Buniyad’ Education – ‘Betupat’ English – ‘Maple’ Geography- ‘Bhu-Darpan’ History –  ‘ltihas-Chora’ Home Science – ‘Ghar Jeuti’ Political Science – ‘Jnandeep’ Sociology – ‘Abhijnan’

Model village and model School are some of the innovative projects of the college being undertaken from this year, 2015 . Under these, Dongibil Christian Village has been adopted as Model Village and ‘Shankardev Adarsha Vidyapith High School’,Kholaguri as Model School by the college family. The college community is currently working for its all-round socio-cultural and economic growth and development. Improvements of senitation, health and hygiene, education, drinking water,electricity etc. are some of the major objectives of this mission.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college has been formed to have an eye on the total milieu of the college in respect to academic and functional development. It tries to make a comprehensive assessment of all academic matters, and on the basis of such assessment, remedial measures are taken by the authority in Co-Ordination with the IQAC.

The maintain discipline and academic atmosphere in  the  college the following measures are executed In letter and spirit : i) Disciplinary actions are taken  against students who violate wearing uniform in all college affairs, i.e. during college classes examinations and festivals. ii) The use of mobile phone in the college premise Is strictly prohibited during the class hours.Students would be punishable, if caught violating such rule. the Library.The Library has digital data-base system using soul 2.0. The Internet Browsing Retrieval Centre attached to the Library has 11  nos.  of  Computer  which  provides   high. speed WiFi helping students to browse for information and virtual learning. The reading room accommodates about 100 students.

In a novel way, Bihpuria College has adopted an Insurance- Scheme for student’s Safety. The scheme will cover any kind of accidental claims while they are in college. The premium for the Scheme is nominal, which is a sum of Rs.30/(Rupees Thirty) only per annum, subject to the number of the students of the college. The Insurance scheme is expected to serve an extra step towards making the students feel more secured than ever, when they are in college.