National Cadet Corp (NCC) of Bihpuria College: NCC is an important organization of the college engaged in conducting constructive activities and making it’s cadets disciplined and devoted citizens. The NCC of Bihpuria College run under 5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur. Student has the option to opt for NCC during their course of study, by joining NCC they can appear in “B” & “C” certificate examinations. The college has strength of 50 (Fifty) cadets. Cadet Enrollment will be done by 5 Assam Bn NCC, Tezpur each year after completion of selection procedure. NCC North Eastern Region. 

Principal  : Dr.  Amulya Kumar Hazarika, Bihpuria College 

CTO : Mr. Jonison Daulagajau, Asst. Professor (Stage-II), Dept. of Political Science.  (M): 8822477543